banner advertisements an effective marketing technique

If you have built a website and now want to promote it, then there is no other way better than banner advertisement. Banner advertisements are designed in such a way that it tempts the visitor to click on it. No doubt, the monthly fee of placing a banner advertisement in a high traffic website is expensive, but the promotion it gives and revenue it generates is amazing. If you do not want to pay anything, then there is a special technique of banner exchange. Just have a look at the details of different type of banner advertisements:
? Free banner exchange: Free banner exchange is a technique in which you and the owner of other website exchange banner advertisements. They will place their banner in your site and you place your banner in their site. No doubt, this option is totally free, but still there are some problems with it. Firstly, if you want your banner on more than three sites, then this means you have to clutter up your website with different banners. Secondly, be cautious about the websites in which you are planning to place your advertisement. This is because some websites just gather banner ads and nothing else. There is no content in these type of websites.
? Paid banner ads: As discussed above, paid banner ads are expensive, but if you buy some spaces, then it will surely give good results. But there is one condition: banner should be placed carefully. I mean to say, it is really important to choose the site in which you place your banner advertisement. Place your advertisement in such type of website that produces high traffic and in the top ten search engine ranking. Also, choose a site with limited number of banners.
Take care while placing your banner. Place it in a website that matches the theme of your website and not in one that directly compete the products and services of your website. Suppose your website is selling racing shoes, and then place the advertisement in one that is giving information about races, ways to increase the speed, marathons, etc. This way your website gets right traffic.
To cut the long story short, banner ads is really a profitable way only when you do it in a right way. So it is important to keep the above tips in mind.